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While Israel was in one of the Moabite plains called Shittim, some serious hanky panky went down between some of the Israelite men and the Moabite women (Numbers 25:1).

They made the grave mistake of worshipping Moabite gods too (Numbers 25:2-3). This really angered God, because he hates cheating. He’s a jealous god (Exodus 20:5). So he ordered the Israelite judges to kill those who dared to rebel against him (Numbers 25:4-5).

One man decided to bring back a Moabite woman to the camp of all places. So a priest named Phinehas wasted no time in carrying out heavenly justice. He grabbed a spear, entered their tent and drove it through the Israelite man and his partner (Numbers 25:6-9).

And God said, “Job well done.” (Numbers 25:10-13)

God praised him, blessed him and called him righteous.

Something like this happened earlier as well. Back at Mount Sinai, where Moses received the Ten Commandments on stone tablets, God ordered the Levites to kill those who had sacrificed to a golden calf idol. He demanded that they kill their own family members and friends (Exodus 32:27-29).

Why didn’t God just forgive these people? Or if these deviances offended him that much, why didn’t he kill the offenders himself?

Why does God sanction murder?


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